Who are we?

Project FTS is a multi-branched project; FTS Maps guides people to businesses that accept cryptocurrency, Project FTS's .org site helps teach businesses how to accept cryptocurrency for free using easy to follow cartoons, FTS Mothership organizes people that wish to assist with helping spread cryptocurrency mass adoption to the businesses of the world, and FTS Coin provides people and businesses with an optional open source privacy coin with a fast transaction time that is used to incentivize mass adoption.

"The key to mass adoption's understanding that cryptocurrency's value isn't speculative, it's the ability to perform transactions, and then spreading this transactional use case as agressively as possible."-Jeremy (CEO Project FTS)

So what does UFOS even mean?

UFOS Stands for Unified Fud Opposition Systems. These people will be given free Project FTS stickers and tshirts, for them to keep, along with educational material they can pass out to businesses about cryptocurrency. If one of the Project FTS UFOS gets a business to accept cryptocurrency they can submit that on the POB page for a set amount of FTS Coin!

Doing the right thing should come with a reward, let us reward you for your assistance with cryptocurrency mass adoption!

The world is big enough for all coins. Instead of looking for one crypto for all uses, lets find all the use cases crypto can fill. Transactions are the start, so let's finish spreading this part first!

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